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Meet Our Doctor Affiliates

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Laurie Shannon Pittman

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology,

M.S. in Clinical Psychology,

B.A. in Political Science


Ashten Carrin Trimble

Licensed Professional Counselor, CCTP

Laurie Shannon Pittman, Ph.D.

Couples at Crossroads

525 N. 12th Street, STE 100

Lemoyne, PA 17043

Phone: 717-379-9281 FAX: 717-730-0696

Skills Summary

  • Licensed Psychologist, Pennsylvania (1997-Present), No. PS007953L

  • 25+ years psychotherapy experience in private and hospital settings

  • Strong Background in addictions treatment

  • Certified Bereavement Counselor

  • Trauma Certifications

  • Sexual Offender Training Specialist Background

  • Child Sexual Abuse Training

  • 8+ Psychological Evaluations


Educational Summary


Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH, 2000-2008

M.S. in Clinical Psychology, Millersville University, Millersville, PA, 1990-1993

B.A. in Political Science & Theatre Arts, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, 1976-1980  


Professional Experience

Licensed Psychologist

Couples at Crossroads

525 N 12th Street, STE 100

Lemoyne, PA 17403


March 5, 2018-Present


Perform custody evaluations, psychological evaluations and risk assessments for courts. Provide co-parenting therapy as well as reunification therapy as recommended by courts. Provide therapy as needed, but not limited to, for children, adolescents and adults such issues as grief, ADHD, anxiety, depression, anger management, and adjustment.



May, 2017-March 5, 2018


Licensed Psychologist

Gallant Psychological and Forensic Services, L.L.C.

3803 Cedar Avenue

Camp Hill, PA 17011


Perform custody evaluations, psychological evaluations and risk assessments for courts. Provide co-parenting therapy as well as reunification therapy as recommended by courts. Provide therapy as needed, but not limited to, for children, adolescents and adults such issues as grief, ADHD, anxiety, depression, anger management, and adjustment.


October, 2008-2017


Licensed Psychologist

Beacon Psychological Services of PA

3903 Hartzdale Dr.

Suite 305

Camp Hill, PA 17011


Owner and Director of Beacon Psychological Services of PA.  Provide and oversee all psychologists in the group on Cognitive-Behavioral therapies to all populations on all variety of issues. Perform psychological evaluation and assessments on variety of issues needed by our clients, such as, but not limited to, ADD/ADHD, forensic, anger management, career choices, bariatric, trauma and substance abuse. Provide co-ordination of assessments, treatment and therapy with primary care physicians, schools, businesses, insurance companies, legal entities, and in-patient facilities.


January, 2000-October, 2008

Licensed Psychologist                                                                                                         

Guidance Associates of PA

412 Erford Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011


Provide Cognitive-Behavioral therapies to populations of children (ages 6 and older), adolescents and adults (individual, couple and family) on such issues as mood disturbances, ADD/ADHD, and trauma issues; Perform psychological evaluations and assessments for Dauphin and Cumberland County forensic cases; Facilitate couples’ therapies to improve attachment, coping skill development and communication; Counsel children, adolescents and adults who have grief/loss and separation anxiety issues; Provide drug and alcohol assessment and counseling; Provide custody evaluations in divorce mediation and establish co-parenting agreements for divorce resolutions; Create treatment plans and maintain compliance with insurance reimbursement; Make community referrals as necessary and coordinate treatment with primary care physicians and insurance care managers.


Licensed Professional Counselor

February, 1998-December, 2004

Laurie S. Walker, M.S.

2114 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 106, Loveland, CO 80538


Counseled children, adolescents and families who experienced mood disorders, ADD/ADHD, and trauma issues; Provided therapies to adults who had relationship concerns and family of origin problems; Contracted through Larimer Center’s Loveland Counseling Connections so that low income persons could receive therapies; Facilitated Groups in Schools for children deemed high risk in Thompson Valley School District, a grant funded opportunity whereby therapeutic outreach could be extended to children and adolescents for such problems as prosocial skill development, anger management and grief/loss issues; Created and conducted family workshops in the Thompson Valley School District on the wisdom of rituals and routines in the daily life of children.


Mental Health/Drug and Alcohol Counselor

Licensed Psychologist

June, 1990- January, 1998

February, 1998-February, 1999

Guidance Associates of PA

412 Erford Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011


Facilitated DUI assessments and evaluations; Counseled adults and adolescents with mood disorders, alcohol/drug abuse and dependence, transitional difficulties such as separation anxiety and other panic disorders; Provided couples therapies;  Coordinated treatment concerns with probation officers, physicians and attorneys as necessary.


Mental Health Therapist

June, 1995-February, 1998

Mazzitti and Sullivan Counseling Services

4692 Trindle Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


Facilitated a women’s early recovery group that encouraged women to continue abstinence, as they received coping skill development to confront the consequences of addiction and learned more effective ways to communicate thoughts and feelings; Provided short-term therapies for children, adolescents and adults who had issues with depression, ADD/ADHD, chemical dependencies and/or family of origin issues; Led intensive outpatient alcohol/drug addiction groups; Evaluated adults for mood disorders, anxiety and other mental health disorders; Maintained appropriate paperwork and made referrals to community resources as necessary.


Mental Health Therapist

August, 1995-December, 1998

Tressler Lutheran Services

2001 Century Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


Evaluated children/adolescents who were court adjudicated to the Tressler Wilderness Program and provided psychotherapy to those who had been physically/sexually abused by family members or close caregivers; Provided intensive long-term therapies to the children and other concerned relatives; Provided therapies to foster care youths who struggled with adjustment issues or ODD/ADD/ADHD disorders; Facilitated workshops  on the Tasks of Adolescents to help satisfy foster care parenting educational requirements.


Drug and Alcohol/Mental Health Counselor

May, 1993-June, 1995

Craig and Associates

215 S. George Street, York, PA


Counseled clients who had mental health and chemical dependency problems; Developed and implemented treatment plans; facilitated a drug and alcohol intensive outpatient program for chemical dependence.


Drug and Alcohol Counselor

August, 1992-May, 1993

Holy Spirit Hospital Outpatient Program, Camp Hill, PA 17011


Conducted the Intensive Outpatient Drug and Alcohol program; Created and facilitated a family education series on addiction; Counseled individuals outside of participation in the intensive outpatient program; Set up after-care plans to help clients maintain abstinence upon graduation from the program.

Ashten Carrin Trimble

Licensed Professional Counselor, CCTP

I love helping people work on different relational conflicts within their family system. I deal a great amount with co-parenting in being able to help parents productively communicate after separation or divorce. My passion is working with parents and children affected by Parental Alienation. I work with kids that experience a divorce in their family and help them learn new coping skills in order to appropriately handle these new transitions in their life. I also help parents work through reunification counseling with their children with a goal of having a healthy sustainable relationship with their children at the end of the path.


As a Marital and Family Therapist, I specialize in couples/marital/premarital therapy. I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional trained in providing effective treatment to clients that have struggled with trauma of any kind. Most importantly, though, is my passion to help these individuals express their trauma narrative from their own perspective!


I have had clients that range from age 3 to 80+ and I truly believe that counseling and building a therapeutic relationship with the right therapist can benefit anyone! It has personally helped benefit me when I was younger and I would love to pay it forward and give back by helping others a well!

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