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Billboard Campaign to Bare Court Corruption

King of Prussia, PA – December 11, 2017  –  Some warm & caring billboards will be popping up in your area soon. No, it’s not an early St. Valentine’s wish for true love or a public proposal for marriage. Sadly, it’s a call to STOP COURT CORRUPTION in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania where parental alienation is far too common in determining how children are raised by only one parent and only one family.

Tamara Sweeney from King of Prussia, PA, tells her story and the story of others on her Website, Sweeney is trying to keep families together – an honorable endeavor but for far too many families, it’s more of a scandalous fiasco.

In Pennsylvania, is it just happenstance that the same judges, the same lawyers, and the same therapists seem to come up with the similar decisions time after time in case after case? One can only wonder have the judges, lawyers and therapists all been bought and sold like stolen merchandise at an outdoor flea market?  “What should be moral judgments -- are often just one-sided pre-determined conclusions. And this is after years of connecting the dots,” adds Sweeney.


“I am a targeted parent. I have not had relations with three of my children for over six years. By speaking out, telling my story and plastering these gigantic billboards across PA I hope to reach others in the same situation,” Sweeney proclaims. “I lost my children, house, forced into bankruptcy and pride over false allegations, manipulations, money, control and power.  I know what it is to have a family one day and then to lose it all in an instant in a so-called court of law.”


The underlying issue in custody litigation, according Sweeney, is money. “The entire court process is a money-making scheme that delivers the goods for the higher-paying, politically-connected litigant,” stated Sweeney. “They are not thinking of the best interest of the child. Ripping a child’s bond from a loving parent is emotional and psychological abuse that has lifelong damages to a child. I’ve stumbled upon families being battered for generations by Children & Youth Services (CYS) and foster care. I’ve heard it all, physical, mental, sexual abuse and sex trafficking and it’s all about money,” she adds.  


Love Dominates is a global organization with a mission of keeping families together. “We strongly believe each parent is vital to the successful nurturing of a child.  We work hard to educate and empower those who are forcibly separated by court corruption to speak out about parent alienation and protect themselves from the abuse of the alienating parent,” says Sweeney. “The billboards will serve as a starting point to organize and galvanize families stunned and shaken by parental alienation and to further educate the public, to raise awareness of PA court corruption, and the harmful consequences of hostile, aggressive parenting,” Sweeney adds.

Besides the billboard campaign, Sweeney and fellow Love Dominates board member, Laurie L. Nicholson will host a Parental Alienation Awareness Conference on Friday, April 27, 2018 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Zem Zem Banquet & Conference Center located at 25225 West 38th Street in Erie, PA .


There’s also an ongoing t-shirt fundraising campaign to not only raise much needed monies but to raise awareness of goals of the 501c3 nonprofit organization. But the real money will come from corporate and foundation donors who will enable Sweeney and her board to really make an impact.


“I’ve experienced the corruption in our court system firsthand. I know what it’s like to be homeless, penniless and with no place to go for help. I want to build safe houses for targeted parent and children to feel worthy and part of a “family”. Multiple families divided, beaten down by the system who come together for support and encouragement to keep on going. The isolation by the hostile aggressive parent is complete. will not only offer shelter but hopes to have free services for therapy, health, exercise and proper nutrition – wellness centers to balance one’s mind and soul.”

“I want to educate alienated parents so they can fight back. I want to help them deal with all the issues associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It’s not easy fighting off the trauma and the abuse alone. I hope to empower and provide the support to enable targeted parents and children to get through this awful nightmare,” she adds.

To learn more about the struggles of Tamara Sweeney and her positive approach to help other families, visit

In the meantime, watch for the upcoming Love Dominates billboards coming to a city near you. The first billboards will be in Norristown near the courthouse and in Phoenixville, PA.

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