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Trauma Counseling Resource


Pete was introduced to Tamara Sweeney by a mutual friend dealing with an identical, multi-year, highly-contentious divorce where PA (parental alienation) and court favoritism were present.

Personal Profile

Former Wall St. and LaSalle St. (Chicago) finance and capital markets professional with managerial, sales, marketing, trading, hedging, portfolio management, and executive search experience in securities, derivatives, and commodities. Former professional advertising copywriter with skills in business, technical, and legal writing.

Educational Profile

MBA, Finance/International Business, Northwestern University

BBA, Marketing/Advertising, University of Iowa

Legal Profile

Self-educated, non-degreed, non-licensed legal representative with history of representing Pro Se clients (PA & DE) in divorce, custody, small claims, and tenant-landlord cases at the magistrate, county, and superior court levels. Conducted small business forensic accounting valuation for court submission. Successfully discovered flaws that violated legal contracts disadvantageous to alienated spouse.


Trauma Profile

Bronze Star and Air Medal-decorated combat veteran with prior symptomatic PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from life-threatening event exposure. 5 years of participation and co-facilitation of a trauma and substance abuse recovery group for first responders at a highly-accredited Philadelphia-area treatment center. No formal degrees or certifications.


Trauma Group Approach

Focuses on rational, emotional, and spiritual intelligence and the dissonance that sustains negative thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Methodology is interactive and interrogational, unlike traditional CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) protocol.


Personal Recovery Philosophy

The key to recovery from PTSD, trauma, addiction is to develop, enhance, and embrace spiritual intelligence through connection with a higher power, preferably God. Practicing spiritual principles and developing a relationship with a concept/person greater than oneself leads ultimately to sustained peace and contentment.


Key Principle of Recovery

Recognition that problems are not external and solutions internal, but that problems are internal and solutions external.


A Few Favorite Sayings

  1. The ultimate revenge is forgiveness.

  2. Pain shared is halved; joy shared is doubled.

  3. It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

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