• Roisin Cassidy

Searching for Answers

I first saw Tamara when she posted on you tube while searching for answers to my pain of being a targeted mother...I reacted to her post letting her know I felt her pain, we then spoke on the phone we could not believe that what we were experiencing and had experienced in our marriage to our alienator, are almost identical. It was then that I realized that this is truly an illness and that it could surely be diagnosed as an illness that the alienator has. The outcome is the same too, total loss of contact with your children for no other reason than the revenge of an ex...what better way to destroy someone. I am writing these posts because after suffering this abuse for years with really no help in what can be done to change things, that maybe sharing feelings and experiences will help a targeted mother or father realize they are not alone and that maybe we are all dealing with the same kind of daily issues of how this abuse has impacted our lives...thank you for reading this and we look forward to sharing in the hopes we can relate to each other dealing with this horrible abuse...

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