• Roisin Cassidy

Impact of Parental Alienation

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the impact of alienation on our children and how I try to understand what is going on in my children’s minds. We all know that when we feel insecure about how some one we love truly feels about us, we want nothing more than to make them love us, we will do anything to get their attention and unconditional love, even more so when it’s a parent...so every time I get rejected and disrespected I tell myself “they know I love them unconditionally and nothing can change that” the reasoning for this is I feel they don’t feel that from the alienating parent, or they wouldn’t have to treat me so cruelly, they have to do this for the alienating parent to prove their love for them because they don’t feel that unconditional love and are afraid that that’s the only way they won’t be abandoned by the alienator...these are my thoughts on what my children feel...I am just a mother trying to make sense of something that has no sense...in a word this abuse is senseless....


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