• Roisin Cassidy

It's the most difficult time of the year.

This time of year is particularly difficult for alienated children and target parents. When I was living in the marital home I did all the Christmas gift shopping and all the wrapping of presents, I also decorated the house...I know the house has not been decorated or the tree put up since I was forced out of my home...This so sad but my narcissist ex was lazy...I was just informed from the narc ex that they don’t buy presents...I have to wonder is this another ploy as I was such a big influence at Christmas and always wanted it to be special, that by doing this he thinks it’s helping in trying to blank me from their minds...whatever the reason is...it is very cruel...and heartbreaking to me as their mother...makes you worried as to what lengths they will go...they truly believe anything they do is to destroy the target parent, but in actual fact it is destroying their own flesh and blood...all we can do is nothing...they have the law on their side and use threats to keep you away...I will still knock on the door Christmas Day and leave presents...I have been completely blocked on phones, social media and messaging...and although he has threatened to have me arrested for stalking and has informed me that my kids have agreed to do the same if I show up at my house...I will still go...that’s what am alienated parent does...they are the authentic parent and as the parent that truly loves them and does not want any of this I will not give up...yes it’s very hard dealing with rejection over and over and the threats...which by the way I took to the police station and they told me...”yes he can file stalking charges if they have asked you to stay away...and have you ever thought maybe your kids don’t like you”...wow! Merry Christmas...


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