• Roisin Cassidy

Let's talk about how people can help.

Let’s talk about how people can help. For some reason and I don’t understand why...friends and family will not get involved...even though they know you are a good loving parent and don’t deserve this. My kids have friends that they grew up with and still go to visit at their home...their parents are still my friends too...they tell me my kids have visited but they will not ask them how I am or talk about me...They say they don’t want to get involved...or that it will ruin their kids friendship with my kids...even my own family has not tried to contact them?? I just don’t understand... just knowing who I am and knowing who my kids friends and parents are, I would have to talk to the alienated kids...ask them how their mother/father was that they don’t have contact with anymore and of course WHY?...they need to be reminded of fun times, past birthday parties, summer school holidays hanging out at the house, and the target parent that was present for all these things...maybe this will remind them they have a loving parent and bring back the good memories the alienator has worked hard to erase...I am not saying this will bring on a reunification but it’s better than everyone pretending the target parent doesn’t exist...I am here I gave birth to them and raised them...please at least friends/family acknowledge us to our children...this is what the alienator wants...to erase us like we never existed...no mention of target parent...and they are getting that...


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