• Roisin Cassidy

Alienation Changes your Life

How alienation changes your life...for 21 yrs I was a mother... my children were my life everything I did was for them. Making sure they were loved and had everything they needed. I remember when my daughter was born just sitting staring at her thinking how much I loved her and just feeling amazed that I had brought this life into the world...then when my son was born wondering can you love them equally...and yes you do💕 you always worry the minute they are born for their safety you panic when they get sick...you stay up many nights...always they come first before anything else in your world...your biggest fear is losing them...but it never enters your mind you could lose them to alienation and find yourself grieving the loss of living adult children who you have raised and nurtured...in a second they are gone from your life...you are erased and hated how can this happen? How do you live your life now...this is horrible abuse for the target parent a black hole of constant grieving, for the alienated children who knows...for many caught up in this nightmare suicide seems to be the only way out...what will it take for things to change for the help that is needed..what does this abuse do to generations of children caught up in this...how does it affect their lives...how do we live our lives without them...every year for the last 4 years I make a New Years resolution to try to live again...at the end of every year I look back and see I haven’t...I miss my children... I cry every day there is always a memory or a trigger...just seeing adult children hugging their parents sends me crying to the bathroom at work...and if someone says anything kind to me again the tears come...I am fragile but strong...I can only hope they come back to me...and one day they will see the truth...that’s all I can do...


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