• Roisin Cassidy

It's Valentines Today.

There are too many triggers for alienated parents...it’s valentines today...I was doing so well, told myself I was going to change my way of thinking to help me heal this year...ugh...then today I kept seeing little kids coming in the store with their valentine goodie bags from school...just couldn’t stop having memories of those times...and I have to wonder do my adult children suffer the same affliction? When I see my daughter and the hate in her eyes I doubt it...but when I have so many triggers in my daily life...surely I must pop into their heads sometimes...after all I am their mother and I did stay at home 20yrs and we were so very close...scary thought as always that this has happened...and no matter how strong I think I am or how I think I can live without them... the cold truth is I love them and miss them ...and they are always going to be a part of me...genetically they are and that’s one thing a narcissist can never take away...I am in their D.N.A...💔


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