• Roisin Cassidy


Here I am again...my daughter turned 26yrs old last week...my ex had called the week before and said random people were contacting her telling her to get in touch with her mother...so what... of course people who know me would do something like that ...right? Nothing to do with me I didn’t ask anyone to do that. I have been severely alienated for 5yrs now...I have no way of contacting my daughter or my son...my ex speaks on their behalf?? So are they really feeling so much hate for me? Do they even know what he has done... for all I know they could just think I abandoned them...and that’s not happening...EVER...so he threatened me with a stalking and harassment charge, which he says the kids who are adults have agreed to testify...I literally sat around on my day off waiting for the police to come to arrest me... but they didn’t because I had done nothing...ugh...needless to say the only way I could see my daughter was at art shows...she told me not to go anymore as it was affecting her business...how? As usual nothing they say or do makes any sense and there is never an explanation because I have done nothing to deserve this abuse...I had a healthy relationship with my kids a stay at home mum for 20yrs...how can this happen?...needless to say it was the first time in my life I didn’t get my kids birthday presents...my Xmas presents were returned by the narcissist ex unopened...I feel now he has completed his alienation...my sons 22nd birthday is next week...I think he graduates university this year too...sad I don’t have this information just doing the math...just more tears and heartbreak for me...then it’s my birthday no acknowledgment of that for 5yrs...let’s not forget Mother’s Day... not that I was ever allowed that day... that day was for his mother no other mother in the family was allowed that day...and so it continues...I am trying really hard to think positive and believe they will come back one day...but the damage is truly horrific...what kind of sick person...a parent does this...💔


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