The scam of family court. 

The testimony is in regard to the deceptive means of funding bloated, unsustainable government budgets, by repulsively extorting assets from unsuspecting citizens through the sham of the family court system

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Meeting with Councilmen David Oh


Follow your passion and your dreams, they are obtainable! - Read More

Congratulations, Laurie, on receiving the proclamation from Erie City Council proclaiming April 25th as Parental Alienation Awareness Day!

Billboard Campaign to Bare Court Corruption

King of Prussia, PA – December 11, 2017  –  Some warm & caring billboards will be popping up in your area soon. No, it’s not an early St. Valentine’s wish for true love or a public proposal for marriage. Sadly, it’s a call to STOP COURT CORRUPTION in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania where parental alienation is far too common in determining how children are raised by only one parent and only one family. - Read More


November 15, 2017

Love Dominates Conference with Dr. Craig Childress

House Children and Youth Committee - Informational meeting on Psychologist

Dr. Craig Childress, briefs the committee on AB-PA, defined as the psychological manipulation of a child by one parent in order to alienate the child from the other parent during and following a divorce.

Hershey, PA

November 4, 2017

Unity with Love Dominates, Punished4protecting and parentalalienationawarenesspa

November 9, 2017

Love Dominates Partners with Eric Frame

Washington DC

Punished 4 Protecting

October 21, 2017

Went to Washington, DC to fight for our Civil Rights. We spoke at the Capitol, on the streets with Veterans, Spoke at the White House interviewing people in situations where the courts came in and took their children away for NO REASON AT ALL. These parents had no criminal records, no past records of Domestic Violence, No drugs/alcohol use, absolutely Nothing and one woman is still left homeless on the streets of Howard,County, Maryland for 2.5 years now.


Parental Alienation is a world wide Epidemic. We also interviewed parents that are victims to Child protective services (CPS).  We closed our meeting at the Trump Hotel having dinner and meeting up with Kellyanne Conway.

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