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House Children and Youth Committee - Informational meeting on Psychologist

Dr. Craig Childress, briefs the committee on AB-PA, defined as the psychological manipulation of a child by one parent in order to alienate the child from the other parent during and following a divorce.

Dana Laquidara is an award winning  writer whose  work has appeared in The Huffington Post, Mamalode, and many others.  She speaks from experience about parental alienation in order to raise awareness and support parents and children who are caught in this devastating aftermath of a volatile divorce.

Listen to her Podcast here.

"MV Loving Life” coaching business is one that will assist clients to develop and implement strategies to gain vision, clarity and wisdom in a calm, encouraging positive environment.  I assist clients with designing a road map on how to gain confidence and strength to overcome obstacles that occur in their daily journey of life. We break through barriers by channeling their inspiration, perseverance and resilience to achieve successful outcomes.  Maribeth has experienced life lessons in which she will give insight and wisdom as well as encourage you to tap into for your personal goal. Life Coach Certification from World Coach Institute

Peter A. Frantz—Trauma Counseling Resource

Former Wall St. and LaSalle St. (Chicago) finance and capital markets professional with managerial, sales, marketing, trading, hedging, portfolio management, and executive search experience in securities, derivatives, and commodities. Former professional advertising copywriter with skills in business, technical, and legal writing.


Educational Profile

MBA, Finance/International Business, Northwestern University

BBA, Marketing/Advertising, University of Iowa

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The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown


I LOVE YOU, MOM-Please Don't Break My Heart

is the true story of one boy's journey through a childhood of physical, mental, and

emotional abuse. John endured neglect, isolation, physical beatings, mental degradation

and malevolent admissions into numerous mental institutions, and eventual attempted

murder within the custodial supervision of his unscrupulous mother.

Every child has a fundamental need for love and protection.
by Edward Kruk, Ph.D.

A Kidnapped Mind

by Pamela Richardson

Divorce Poison
by Richard Warshak

The Worst Interests of the Child:  The trafficking of Children and Parents through US Family Courts

by Keith Harmon Snow


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“I Love You Mom, don’t break my heart” by John Borgstedt

This is an amazing story of a young child who is intentionally wronged by Professionals, our American System and his own Mother. He is brutally abused in all sections of the Domestic Violence wheel, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, physically and is a survivor due to his kind heart and believer in God. John is truly an inspiration to me because he survived the physical, mental, psychological abuse and was able to compartmentalize his rightful experience of anger and hate into LOVE. If one cant trust their own parents, who can you trust? John could have given up his belief in God, but instead kept the faith and Love in his heart.

I have also experienced the harassment, abuse, and kidnapping from Family Courts in a different manor, a different view. I am a targeted Mother who loves and protects her children and went to family courts for help. We needed therapy, counseling to unite our family not tear it apart. My children needed a Father whom at the time, was never around or helped in parenting. I actually believed if I divorced my husband that he would be forced to come home and be a father 50% of the time and maybe save our family. I thought living in 2 houses, keeping the same routine, same schedule, same rules would make the divorce easier on the children and co-parenting would be supervised to enhance our situation. I trusted and believed in our system (lawyers, judges, therapists) to do what is in the Best Interest of the Child, but to find out our system is the complete opposite and that there is NO help, No Agencies and No empathy and Nobody you can count on. I personally went through the domestic violence, harassment, false accusations, the loss of my children due to gas lighting, brainwashing, lies and manipulations, loss of assets, bankruptcy, bad credit, and my credibility was judged and questioned. The feeling of being demeaned, unwanted and thrown out like a piece of garbage is no feeling one human should ever experience. John has overcome this unreal, unnecessary and unbelievable treatment of disrespect to a human.  John gives me hope that one day my children will figure out what happened to them(Parental Alienation)and be strong enough to come back to a Loving environment.

Everyone and I mean everyone should pick up this book, read and understand the trials and tribulations that John actually conquered and is Alive today speaking of his experience of actual human beings turning their heads to this abuse. It amazes me that other “LIKE BEINGS” would turn away, knowing a child is out there, looking to be saved from the abuse and they intentionally turn a blind eye. I truly believe our society has weakened and the majority of people live their life of being in Fear of their own insecurities, their vulnerabilities, their fears of abandonment, shame and guilt instead of going with their intuitions and gut feelings of what they truly believe in!

God Bless John and his wife and all of his supporters, he deserves a life of Love, Peace and Happiness.

Thank you John for enduring the pain and fight for the safety and well-being of our children. Many Blessings to you John and I believe you can touch so many people with your story.     #chooseloveoverhate      #choosecompassionoverjudgement

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