Parental Alienation Day


Parental alienation day April 25th...yes that’s right this abuse is so common we have a day for! Yet still it continues...the lasting affects of this abuse is traumatic to the target parent and to the alienated children...I go to work and go about my daily business, I have no control as to when I will suddenly become overwhelmed with grief and the never ending question “WHY and how did this happen ? Just tonight I was sitting on my patio...I am living in the house that I raised my kids in for 11yrs, it was a rental but then somehow I ended up with nothing and back in here with nothing...absolutely ex narc has everything including my adult children even though I stayed home 20yrs raising them...I now live in I sat outside I looked down at the cement floor and was overcome with grief...a flashback to when the patio was added to this house, that is now in need of serious can still see the marks of the plastic that covered the cement... I went back in time at that moment...the whole reason for this patio was to have a covered area for my children to play outside to protect them from the elements...the tears flowed down my cheeks as I wished to go back to when this cement was maybe change what is now my living nightmare...I feel sick right now ...I wonder do my kids ever even think of me...if they do they sure don’t act like it...but I worry about the damage the alienator has inflicted on my once happy go lucky heart aches for them 💔



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