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I'll pray for you...


The holidays are here again and I just want it over with. I think I hide what I am going through pretty well... I am alone I have no one here except my alienated kids...so I get up in the morning get ready for work and become this persona of cheerfulness a smile for everyone, I probably chat a lot to the customers because I think I am lonely, so they become my friends. Yes...my ex isolated me from my family and friends in the Uk then once I had his children he had complete control...always told me “if you ever leave the country without my permission I will have the FBI waiting for you when you land and you will never see your kids again and you will go to prison”a pretty scary possibility and your worst fear as a mother ...so I stayed raised my kids as a stay at home mum for 20yrs yet still my worst fear came to pass...it is unfathomable to me...after all I stayed...how can this happen?? Today I was my usual smiling cheerful self thinking no one knows my pain, when a 85 year old very sweet lady said to me” your a lovely lady always smiling but your eyes tell me your heart is breaking” my eyes welled up and told her my situation the tears running down my face...she took my hand and said”he will be punished by god for what he has done no one should ever take a Mother’s children away, I will pray for you” awww! She then told me to do something to uplift myself...I felt loved and I haven’t for a long time...when someone shows compassion it makes such a big difference in the world...she surely touched my heart and instead of feeling judged as a mother I felt relieved to know that there are still people out there that care...




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