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Message Parent Alienation from a Malignant, Covert Narcissist is Child Abuse I am a malignant, covert narcissist and parent alienator. I may appear honorable in the public’s eyes and have fooled many for years with my deceptions, including my own family and the court system, but I am a dangerous child abuser. You know me; others think they know me. You lived with me for 27 years and you saw my behavior but you did not spend time questioning, studying and internalizing my sneaky intentions. I know you better than you know yourself. You are an empathetic, honest, caring and loving soul and I carefully selected you to be my guide on what goodness in people looked like. I know how to test and control you to set you up. I know that the depth of the love for our children is the main weakness of yours that I can exploit. I am a multi-faceted terrorist and will try to take over your being. I will lie, have affairs and feed my addictions to pornography and gambling without you knowing because of how trusting you are. I even fathered another child, which I tried to keep from you and will deny to our children if the truth comes out. I expected you to mold to my needs and because you turned on me I will take everything away from you, especially your children. I will not include you in holidays, graduations and weddings. I will indirectly get our children to hate and fear you even though they had a wonderful, loving relationship with you, their mom, their entire lives. I will make up falsehoods and plant ideas in their heads because they trust me like you once did. This is the only way I know how I can heal from my past hurts and inadequacies. I will rewrite our children’s history just to punish you in the hopes you’ll succumb to your sadness of estrangement. I never thought you would have the strength to unmask and discard me after decades of being in my control, so I will seek revenge against you forever. I am a shell of a person with no real worth. Remember when I shoved you against the wall and said, “Don’t you dare divorce me, or else you will forever regret it” after I realized that you realized how evil I was? I would really like to see you dead in the gutter, but I have too much to lose if and when the truth came out. So, instead I took away your home, your garden, your friends and neighbors, your health, your money and credit, your pension, your belongings and especially the children…because I know that our kids mean more than anything to you. I left you with nothing. I manipulated documents, even forged your name so that I got you to pay for my debts, legal fees and my new luxury car. I even stole the tens of thousands of dollars in our children’s college accounts that you funded when they were little. You now owe more than you can pay and will be hounded by collection agencies. I abused you emotionally, physically, sexually, and financially and thought I could continue this abuse until the end of our days. I knew you were a strong, intelligent woman, but I didn’t plan on your light bulb moment when I stole our daughter’s money and made the mistake of confessing that night over pizza. I wanted you to die or at least be miserable forever. I didn’t think you were strong enough to leave me, let alone survive and thrive as you have. I hate the fact that you remain spiritual, loving, kind, successful, compassionate, strong and are currently enjoying a fulfilling life of love, peace and harmony despite all my concerted efforts to bring you down. You didn’t notice that even before we got married I was controlling you and planting the seeds of taking over your soul. I created many small disconnects within our family, directly and indirectly putting you down in front of the kids. I managed and manipulated reality, though for a long time you did not notice. I’ve been slowly and methodically putting down your educated and moral family and values for years, undermining you constantly. I belittled and gas lighted, getting you to question your own thoughts by slowly shattering your confidence. When you began to question my intentions and actions, I would reply that you are crazy and that I only want the best for you and the children. Even now I pretend to be neutral and kind, even fake complimenting you around others, all the while I’m controlling our children’s minds and using them as weapons in my war against you. My narcissistic and controlling behavior led our son to want to end his life when he didn’t achieve my dreams of athletic superiority, under my same number and position. Even though it was you who encouraged our daughter to love animals, I pretend to now and get the credit. My influence led both kids to abuse drugs and alcohol as they would seek numbing from the expectations and chaos. Now I even encourage both of our adult children not to have contact with one another, so in their isolation they will not form a healthy brother-sister bond and be able to communicate the truth with each other. I am directly and indirectly abusing them, making them codependent, insecure and hindering their self-awareness and independence. I am purposefully stifling their still formative souls as I encourage their loyalty to only me. With my financial control of our children, I have made them dependent on me. They are now my assets, collateral, extensions of plans that I devote to seek revenge on you, my ex-wife, who embarrassed me by divorcing me and shattering the false, upstanding image I had devoted my life to creating. When you chose to divorce me after 27 years, my covert, secret-agent-man rage got me to get them against you. My need for winning and my superior and grandiose view of myself is all I really care about. I don’t care that I will go to Hell, and you to Heaven...I am a non-believer that hides behind church walls. I don’t care that my actions will damage our children’s future relationships with others. In my mind your betrayal of me awakened the traumas of my inadequate past. I still vehemently deny the abuse I suffered, saying that my childhood was perfect, that my depressed mother was not depressed even though she said she was, that my egotistical father never laid a hand on me and my brother is a kind and loving human being. I want you to suffer. A mother whose children have died, but are still alive. I refuse to accept my actions as harmful. I have lost sight of God and my Higher Self. I am the superior secret-agent-man. All my efforts now revolve around making you miserable; I take pleasure in denying your basic rights as a parent. I will continue to rape you in every way I can, while doing my best to insure that our kids worship me and devalue you. I know that my money and charisma has won over the court systems. I bask in the power I possess. I know that the mum clause in our decree and destroyed deposition will keep you silent and from speaking the truth as I threaten you with contempt, and get the children to think along those same lines. I have no remorse that our children are being irreversibly harmed by me as I try to erase you. I love that you hurt and feel lost without them. I am powerful and righteous, so I think to myself. I am a Malignant, Covert Narcissist and Parent Alienator. I have succeeded in fooling everyone. I am abusing our children, whose eyes are wide open but are unable to see what I am doing. I don’t care that they will be forever damaged by my use of them to get revenge on my escaped narcissistic supply. I feel entitled to steal from you and our children. I count on the truth being buried in the grave I dug out for you, my beloved ex-wife.



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