Image by Khadeeja Yasser


About this campaign

This fundraiser not only is to raise awareness on court corruption and educate the public on the effects of Parental Alienation but in life in general one should always Choose Love over Hate, to choose compassion over judgement, to Love one another. Love is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, with a goal of keeping families together. Our mission is to continuously raise awareness on court corruption and educate the public on Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting which are all a form of emotional abuse that damages a child's self-esteem and is associated with life long patterns of depression, estrangement, addictions,anxiety, PTSD,low self-worth, incarceration and suicide. encourages, inspires and uplifts the Targeted families to speak out and tell their stories, to not be in FEAR anymore and that they ARE LOVED. We are all one Human Race and should all be treated EQUAL. wants to honor all the people who have lost their lives to the continuous cruelty from the court system and intentional emotional abuse from being torn away from your children, grandchildren,extended family for NO reason at all.(Parental Alienation). Targeted families go through shame, humiliation, false allegations and accusations, the loss of friends, family, and children, their assets and money depleted, most become homeless and have to deal with the relentless pressures of the court system and the vile abuse from the Alienating Parent. goal is to correct the damaged brainwashing messages to our children by sending messages of LOVE by wearing these shirts. Targeted families have no way of contacting their children, no means of telling their child they LOVE them. The Love Dominates Logo is a private message to our stolen children that the Targeted Parent, grandparent or family member loves and adores them. We are in hopes that the people who buy and wear our shirts become our biggest advocates.All contributions will go back into services, such as educating, making awareness, tools to use in court, wellness centers, trauma centers, support, and hopefully safe houses for the children and/or targeted parents . As humans, we all need LOVE in our lives, LOVE in our hearts, LOVE is the ultimate power. Save our children and choose LOVE over Hate, choose Compassion over Judgement. Thank you for wearing our product and promoting our message we truly appreciate it!